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About Us | Ashok IT

Who We Are?

Ashok IT is a leading Indian IT training institute preparing tech-aspirants for flourishing careers in this challenging and competitive domain since 2020. We offer flexible online training options that allow our students to study conveniently and progress on their preferred pace. Teaching at Ashok IT is supported by years of extensive academic and industry experience, innovative teaching methodologies, and high-quality educational resources.

Our Mission & Vision

Training at Ashok IT is tailored and regularly updated to match the ever-growing needs of the robust and cut-throat IT domain. Our Mission is to educate and train our students to be able to effectively assume top responsibilities and handle senior administrative roles in tech-driven MNCs around the world. Our vision is to make high-quality IT-training services easily available, accessible, and affordable to the promising talent of our country.


Our mission is to allow the aspiring talent of our country to be able to utilize their potential and lead impactful careers in the exciting and stimulating domain of Information Technology.


We work to provide the budding tech-aspirants of our nation with a useful, inexpensive learning platform where they can benefit from the deep IT-domain expertise and extensive industry experience of our proficient tutors.


Our goal is to produce learned, qualified, and skilled IT experts with top-class technical skills and reliable managerial abilities able to drive business growth and lead organizations to success.

Why To Choose Us ?

As a committed IT training institute that bases its teaching on practice and experience, we boast a record of producing competent IT professionals today leading fulfilling and successful professional careers. Our tutors are responsible, experienced, and educated IT experts that give each of our students the attention and care required to master the various challenging IT concepts and technologies.


We are a One-Stop shop for IT Training.

Ashok IT provides holistic and thorough training to sculpt its students into knowledgeable and adept professionals equipped with the necessary technical and interpersonal capabilities required to excel in the challenging corporate atmospheres of today.


All our trainers are working professionals.

Every trainee at Ashok IT is themselves a working industry professional with profound and up-to-the-minute IT knowledge. Because of which, in addition to IT expertise, our tutors are also able to help our students gain valuable industry insights.


Every course we deliver with Industry Matching Requirements.

With new technologies rolled in the market every other day, Information Technology is a rapidly evolving field at all times. We understand that the regularly shifting nature of the field makes it imperative for IT Training programs.